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Apple-like Design Can Work with Insurance SEO

August 31, 2009

Everybody knows Apple’s simplistic, clear, and intuitive. With their easy to identify stores, no frills images, and use of negative space (white space), they have been able to dominate their markets in a way that “clutter as much as possible” Microsoft has not.

When comparing Apple’s strategy to determine how you can integrate their wisdom into your insurance marketing strategy, we must first express that Apple’s website design style is unique to their size. They don’t have to include their keyphrases such as Apple, iTunes, iPhone or iPod because they already have the weight and strength to get top placement in the search engines for those terms with a minimal amount of text.

But you can still design your insurance website with Apple-like simplicity and still achieve a higher search engine ranking.

First, focus on the top. The very first things you want your prospective clients to see are what you can do and who you are… in that order.

At the very top of your page with as little distraction as possible, you should identify the insurance lines you offer and how to proceed with get a quote.

Below that top heavy introduction is where you should introduce content. The content should be easy to access, easy to read and always geared towards your audience contacting your insurance agency or company. Content is how Google can identify your site as being relevant to your insurance lines.

It’s always best to break up your insurance lines into as many sub-pages as possible to build a website that offers a substantial amount of relevant information.

The more pages you have to offer, the more substantial your website appears to be. You can have a lot of content, simplistic easy to use design, and achieve high conversion rates from Apple-like clarity.

You can always convert better by keeping it simple.

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