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Can Your Insurance Agency Afford a High Google Ranking?

July 13, 2009

A major concern of insurance agencies and company is whether or not they will see a return on their search engine optimization. For smaller agencies, an even bigger concern is whether they can afford search engine optimization at all.

Since last year’s economic downturn, traditional advertising has experienced a steep decline. Radio, television and print advertising are slowing sectors of marketing; however, online insurance marketing is on the rise even with less than favorable economic conditions.

Why are so many insurance agencies and companies turning to online marketing? It is more affordable than traditional marketing; plus, you can track conversion of an online insurance marketing campaign in ways that traditional marketing cannot be monitored.

With a search engine marketing campaign, you can see how many visitors the effort is yielding. Through tracking contact forms, you can also monitor conversion.

How much does search engine optimization cost?

The amount of work needed to achieve a page one ranking on Google is determined by the competitive nature of your keyphrases; thus, the cost will vary. However, in most cases search engine marketing costs much less than advertising in your local Yellow Pages and yields a much greater return.

The best way to see if search engine optimization is a viable addition to your online insurance marketing effort is to get a quote.

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