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Writing Insurance Marketing Articles that Get New Policies

June 1, 2009

Last time, we talked about the importance of writing articles, how to utilize your keyphrases in your title, and a two sentence summary.

Articles are used to share information with Internet users while building back-links to your insurance website. They are a crucial part of your insurance marketing strategy.

When writing your articles, you should know a few important things.

1) You may not use your insurance agency’s name, your personal name, or references to yourself or an insurance company in a manner such as “us,” “we,” or “I.”
2) Articles are to be informative. They should provide direction to your users.

It’s OK to encourage readers to use an insurance agent, but you cannot in the body of the article reference your own agency.

Last week, we built a title and summary around a fictional Colorado health insurance agency.

Title: Colorado Health Insurance Premiums Can be Lower

Summary: If your Colorado health insurance premiums are too high, you may be able to lower them. By utilizing tax deductible HSA’s and modifying coverage, you can save substantially each year on your health insurance costs.

Now it’s time for the article body. Your article should be 350-400 words. The rules for what’s allowed in the article are set forth by the article directories to which you will be submitting. So if you mention your insurance agency or company’s name, they will decline your article.

Begin your article by utilizing your keyphrases. In this example, the keyphrase is “Colorado health insurance.” The first paragraph needs to encourage your readers to continue reading.

First Paragraph of Article Body: Obtaining Colorado health insurance may present questions that you can not answer yourself. In fact, its common practice for insurance companies to include wording in policy descriptions that are not easy for the policy holder to understand. To make sure you are getting the best deal on your health coverage, here are some things to ask your Colorado health insurance agent which could save you money.

From that point, you want to continue to give brief insight on ways to save money on health insurance while periodically (no more than once per 100 words) mentioning the keyphrase Colorado health insurance.

So you can’t use your name, insurance agency or insurance company name, or personal information in the article… wondering how that’s going to get traffic to your insurance website?

Next week we will talk about how to link to your site from your articles while getting them approved by the article directories.

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