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Insurance Marketing with an Eleven Year Head Start

June 22, 2009

Recently, we had to perform a search engine optimization analysis for a new insurance client. In doing so, we came across a competing agency’s website that originally went online in 1998. The website was ranked number one and probably will stay that way for a long while.

Eleven years…

The Internet has been used commercially since the early nineties and began trickling into homes around the world in 1992 (although it originally went live in 1969 as a U.S. Department of Defense project called ARPANET).

Six years after Internet services like AOL started making their irritating dial tone noises on computers everywhere, this one insurance agency purchased a valuable domain name and had a website created.

Today that agency has eleven years of links to its website. Some of those links are as old as the website itself. The result of this eleven year old investment is a page one ranking for their state’s related insurance terms; and, an eleven year online insurance marketing advantage.

It’s important to note, had this agency set up their website and paid no attention to search engine optimization, they would not be ranked where they are today; so age isn’t everything. But, here is something to think about… if you were competing against this agency in their region, they would have an eleven year advantage over you.

Don’t be the last insurance agency or company to engage in online insurance marketing. Having a website isn’t good enough; you need an insurance search engine marketing plan to get your website found and positioned highly in the search engines. Every day you wait, your competing insurance agencies and companies are getting handed an advantage.

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