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Insurance Marketing and Online Website Editors

June 17, 2009

Over the last few weeks, we have provided useful information about how writing articles is a valuable way to build links to your insurance website. Truly, there is no better or more ethical way to build links to your insurance website.

The other side of search engine optimization, however, deals with your actual website. Items such as the platform your website is built on, or your hosting environment, may effect your online insurance marketing and search engine optimization.

The biggest hindering factor in search engine marketing is a website that uses a content management system that is not SEO friendly. Are you unsure if you use a content management system? If you are able to login online and make changes to your website content, then you are using a content management system.

Not all content management systems are bad. In fact, many of them have built-in, search engine friendly URL’s and other tools needed to market your website successfully.

The two most important elements of a solid content management system are the ability to add custom page titles on every page (as opposed to having one universal page title), and search engine friendly URL’s.

An example of a non-search engine friendly URL is this:,0,20,13

All of those commas and characters at the end make it difficult for Google’s search engine bot to crawl your website.

A search engine friendly URL for a page on your website pertaining to health insurance (for example) would be this:

Notice how that URL structure is descriptive of the content within that page and uses the keyphrases.

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