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Building Links for Insurance Marketing

June 8, 2009

How to Write Insurance Marketing Articles – Part III

Over the past few weeks, we have been talking about writing articles that drive new visitors to your insurance website. The first step was writing a title and summary that sparks interest while utilizing your keyphrases.

The second step was writing an interesting article without using your name or insurance agency or company name in the body of the article.

With the body of the article not allowing you to include your name, insurance agency name, or website, you may be wondering how this is going to help build links to your insurance website. The solution? It’s all in the footer.

Article directories allow you to submit your content with an “author credit” in the footer. This is where you attribute the article to your name, insurance company or agency, and link back to your website.

We have been using a fictitious Colorado health insurance agency during this series. A good SEO friendly footer for John Smith of this agency would be the following:

John Smith is a licensed Colorado health insurance agent specializing in helping people obtain affordable Colorado health insurance. To learn more, visit (website address) or call 1.800.555.9595.

Now, in the article directory, you will want to highlight “Colorado health insurance” and link them to your website. Of course the terms will vary depending on your region and insurance line. You can usually link to your website by clicking on a chain link icon in the article directory submission form.

So where do you post your articles? We will give you a couple good sources to use.

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