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Writing Insurance Marketing and SEO Friendly Articles

May 27, 2009

As an insurance marketing company focusing on search engine optimization, we spend a lot of time expressing the importance of content. But content doesn’t really do anything if it isn’t published.

Of course, the first part of using content to grow your insurance agency or company is to create it.

As an insurance professional, you have valuable knowledge that is in demand. To help your search engine optimization effort, you should write a series of articles pertaining to your area or areas of expertise.

To begin, create a title that reflects your keyphrases and the topic that you will be discussing in your article. For demonstration purposes, we will use a Colorado Health Insurance agency.

Example Title: Colorado Health Insurance Premiums Can be Lower

Make sure your title is descriptive. It’s better to make sure your title is not spammy (using your keyphrases too often or to an extent that it doesn’t make sense) than risk being declined by article publishing sources.

Now it’s time to write a summary. Most article directories (where you will be publishing your insurance article) require a two sentence summary. This should be used to grab the readers’ attention and also consist of your keyphrases.

Example Summary: If your Colorado health insurance premiums are too high, you may be able to lower them. By utilizing tax deductible HSA’s and modifying coverage, you can save substantially each year on your health insurance costs.

In the summary, we were able to use your keyphrase while making the statement still sound relevant and not spammy.

Next week we will talk about the article body, word count, and how to make the article send traffic to your insurance website without sounding like an advertisement.

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