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Closing the Phone Book on Insurance Marketing

May 18, 2009

There was a knock on the door with a man standing on the other side of that same transparent door holding a large case of something heavy. As the receptionist opened the door, the man extended a clipboard and a pen asking the receptionist to initial next to the office address, as proof of receipt.

A case of nine phone books were handed over to the receptionist. She returned to her desk and began folding small postage boxes and preparing the label printer.

As she began stuffing promotional items in the postage boxes, she smiled at the stack of phone books recently delivered. She opened one up. Then one-by-one, she began ripping out the pages.

Each page was crinkled then tossed into the postage box. Every insurance agency that advertised on those now crinkled up yellowish pages had just spent thousands of dollars to have their name and contact information printed on packaging paper.

The creative uses of telephone books from shipping tissue, to footstools, to furniture balancers are certainly expanding while the readership is depleting. Who wants to spend a few minutes looking for something in the phone book when a few seconds on Google can return the same result?

The largest single page advertisement in the phone book won’t attract the masses that are searching for insurance in your city and state on Google and other search engines. Perhaps its time to rethink your marketing budget and invest in online marketing.

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