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Your Insurance Website Can Use Flash with Moderation

April 14, 2009

Sometimes an insurance website needs something extra – a little movement, excitement, or an all out attention grabber. This can be easily accomplished with Adobe Flash, a program that makes objects move, fade and slide. However, on the flip side, can Flash on your insurance website actually keep it from ranking on the first page?

Flash Working with SEO

You can use Flash on your website without hurting your insurance marketing and search engine optimization effort if you use it correctly. The only problem with Flash is that none of its content can be read by the search engine. So when you add Flash to your insurance website, you are immediately taking away from your website’s textual real estate with something that offers no content value; however, that is OK in small doses. If you have a header that slides a few pictures across and has your slogan on display, it will NOT affect your insurance search engine optimization.

Flash Working Against SEO

The problem with Flash is when it starts being used in place of textual content. For example, if your entire website is built in Flash, it will not make it to the first page of Google because your entire website’s content is hidden within the Flash movie, thus inaccessible by the search engine bots.

Recapping the Basics:

  1. Flash can be used to make presentations and minor moving elements to enhance the look of your website.

  2. Your Flash movie should be treated as a graphic and nothing more.

  3. You should not include valuable textual content within a Flash movie as that will certainly affect your search engine marketing in a negative way.

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