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Making the Phone Ring with Insurance Marketing

April 30, 2009

When talking about online insurance marketing, we put a lot of focus on the search engine optimization: your insurance agency or company’s Google ranking and the ability to be found. However, if your website comes up on the first page of a search result, does that mean you have a new client?

The obvious answer is no. You still have to convince the person that your insurance agency or company is the best choice for their policy. In short, you have to make the phone ring.

The first element of conversion is design. Your insurance website needs to look professional. That means a clean design and easy navigation for both search engine bots and users. If your insurance website has valuable content but it’s not in a professional design, chances are your visitors will click away before reading your content.

Your professional website design will encourage visitors to read your content. Your website’s content needs to consist of two types of styles.

Informative Content
Your informative content is where you share your experience, expertise, and convince the reader that you are the best choice for their insurance needs.

Sales Content
Your sales content will consist of the “call to action” which encourages users to contact your company or agency via a contact form, email or telephone.

The combined elements of design and content will make your phone ring and bring in new policies.

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