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Insurance Marketing – More Policies with More Content

April 30, 2009

If your insurance website has some strong inbound links, a lot of strong useful content, and is for the most part, search engine optimized, here is one element that may be keeping your site from ranking higher in the search engines: the length of your home page.

Google, in particular, loves heavy websites that have a lot of useful content. They also put a lot of emphasis on your home page when ranking your insurance website. Therefore, it is your home page that will make the most impact with your online insurance marketing strategy.

When asked to find out why a website is not on the first page when it appears to be optimized and have a solid inbound link base, the majority of the time we find that the home page simply needs to be longer.

If you are currently in that situation, try extending your home page. A good home page should be 450-600 words long. Don’t forget to hyperlink words in the content that takes the visitor to other relevant parts of your website. That feature is appreciated by your user and the search engines.

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