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Insurance Web Design with Google in Mind

March 11, 2009

The eyes of Google are color blind. They don’t know or care if your website’s colors match, images look professional, or if you throw some yellow, pink and orange icons around. What they do care about is the magic of clean code within your insurance website.

What exactly is clean code? The existence of your insurance website involves HTML code. Page titles, tags, headers, dividers, spacing, and style sheets all come together to make your insurance marketing and website shine online. However, if your website’s code is not clean and professionally formatted, that tells Google your website is of lower quality than your competitors’.

That’s why it is best to work with a professional insurance marketing company that knows what Google and your visitors want to see. Having professional code, search engine friendly website addresses for your subpages, and detailed attention to the minor elements of your insurance website will play a major role in your search engine success.

Remember, even though Google is color blind, your visitors are not. Next week we will talk about what your visitors want to see and how you can increase conversion, thus turning more visitors into new policies.

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