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Designed to Get More Insurance Policies

March 16, 2009

Previously, we talked a little about what Google wants to see in your insurance website. Things you can’t see, like your website’s HTML code, can play an important role in the success of your search engine optimization and insurance marketing plan.

However, when a visitor gets to your website, it’s important to know what they want to see and which designs inspire higher conversion.

Simplicity can be Challenging

When our insurance web design team reviews the features, design styles and elements wanted by the client, they often have to convince the clients that simplicity simply converts better.

If you have ever driven on the interstate through a heavy tourism part of the country, you are familiar with the red and orange billboards that litter the path. Since everyone is trying to stand out, everyone blends in.

Your website is no different. Your insurance agency’s website design needs to be clean so the points you want your visitors to see can stand out. A clean, easy to navigate website is actually one thing that both Google and your visitors want to see.

A clean website along with a search engine optimization and insurance marketing campaign can be a great asset to your agency and ultimately bring in new cases.

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