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Social Networks Become a Part of Insurance Marketing

February 23, 2009

Over the past few weeks, we have been discussing the process of insurance marketing through search engine optimization. The process includes optimizing website content, website structures, building links, and often times redesigning your insurance website.

Inbound links (websites linking to your website) can make or break an insurance search engine marketing effort. Press releases and articles, which are consistently distributed, help build natural one-way links to your website.

Social networks like of Entrepreneur Magazine and of Inc Magazine are now a standard part of the insurance marketing plans offered by

These social networks allow us to increase visibility of your insurance agency or insurance company’s name while building links to your website. Having a dedicated social networking team not only proves to be a powerful search engine optimization tool, but also becomes a web traffic source of its own. The team works to build a presence on these social networks while also connecting your agency/company with other contacts within the network.

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