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Insurance Marketing Strategy is Successful by Design

February 2, 2009

Often times, we talk about the importance of a website’s design in reference to website conversion. So how does your insurance agency or company get a non-effective design? Simple, get a template.

Templates or cookie cutter insurance web design is on the rise and this is a serious problem. Unless your insurance agency is located in a proverbial “one horse town” where you are the town’s lone insurance guru, you have competition.

Visually setting yourself apart from the competition is the easiest way to jump-start a branded agency and increase the conversion in your insurance marketing efforts. If your insurance website is a cookie cutter site that looks like any common agency website, you are telling your visitors that your agency is just that – common.

A custom insurance web design is just one piece of the branding puzzle. Your logo, letterhead, and website should all work together to convey your insurance agency’s professional image.

Just remember, money spent on a cookie cutter insurance web design is money burned.

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