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SEO Verses Print Media for Insurance Agencies

January 2, 2009

When allocating marketing resources for your insurance agency, you may find it difficult to determine which avenues are going to provide the most exposure and ultimately, give your agency for policies.

Traditionally, agencies have used billboards, newspapers, phone books, television and direct mail/postcards to attract new clients. Yellow page ads, billboards, newspapers, and television all boast large numbers, viewers, and seem to be the best way to entice people to call to see if you can beat their current quote. But not anymore.

Search engines are unique in that they only attract interested individuals and business. Over 75% of the people that watch your television ad, drive past your billboard, or see your ad in the phone book will not call. However, the value of those ads are based on a cost per impression. So you are actually paying top dollar for the 75% (often greater) that will ignore your ad.

Online, things are different. If someone is in need of auto insurance, homeowners insurance, life insurance, health insurance, and so on, the percentage that goes to Google first, is growing every year. If somebody is looking for insurance in your area, they are a serious lead.

Unless you engage in pay per click marketing, which for insurance can cost as much as $35 a click (not per lead, but per click on your add), search engine marketing is extremely affordable. Organic search engine optimization, the service we provide, means your web site can appear on the first page of Google under the natural search results. This involves a set list of services, and a monthly fee that is set in stone, and a cost that is less than print, billboards, television, and radio.

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