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Reaching the Top of Google for Your Agency’s Web Site

January 2, 2009

Most insurance agencies write policies in particular regions across the country which means you must appear for those related terms. For example, a health insurance agency in South Carolina would not benefit from someone in Oregon searching for a general phrase like “health insurance”. Thus, in that case, it would be necessary to be on the page one of Google for the term “South Carolina health insurance” or “SC health insurance”.

With a few thousand searches a month for that particular term, being on the first page of Google would be a great benefit to the agency. But how do you get there?

Search engines are looking for content and you must include your regional statement in the content of your web site. Your regional statement (in this case) would NOT be “My name is Joe Insurance and I’ve been writing insurance for 20 years”. The correct search engine optimized statement to go at the top of your web site would be “South Carolina health insurance agent, Joe Insurance, has been helping the people of South Carolina get affordable health insurance for 20 years.”

In the second statement, you are telling Google and Yahoo that your web site is relevant to the keyphrase “South Carolina health insurance”. This must stay consistent throughout your web site. Once the content of your site is relevant to your keyphrase, then its time for the link building.

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